Thursday, June 30, 2011


Masada is an ancient fortress near the Dead Sea, built by King Herod between 37 and 31 B.C.  The only story I remember about Masada is that the Romans were able to seize it by building an enormous ramp, but when they got inside they discovered that everyone had committed suicide (actually, drew lots and killed each other, with only the last man committing suicide) rather than be captured.

If you ask me, what's really important about Masada is that it stands on a cliff 1,300 feet high overlooking the Great Rift Valley (and Dead Sea), and the proper way to reach the top is to climb up via "The Snake Path"!

I was having so much fun, wanting to get higher and higher for better views and pictures, that I kind of ended up jogging and was the first one to reach the top.

As usual it was a billion degrees, and I felt pretty successful by the time I got up there :) Those who chose not to climb took the cable car up and were waiting at the top.
About halfway up.

It was just beautiful, beautiful beautiful.
I've never seen a sight like it.

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