Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Inaugural post

It takes some time to come up with a creative theme/title for a blog.  OK, forget trying to be creative; how about just managing to stumble upon a domain name that one of apparently a zillion users hasn’t already taken—I am clearly a latecomer to the blogging bandwagon.  These last two years have found me sorely lacking in both time and creativity, so I simply let my all-time favorite poem handle the work.  Ta-da!  I’m certain the results are astounding.

So why am I now jumping aboard the bandwagon, you are probably asking?  Oh!  In less than two months I am embarking on what will certainly be one of the more incredible experiences of my life; 78 days in the Middle East.  I’ll be living in Jerusalem for at least a month, Amman for another, and beyond that who knows where I will go and what events will transpire!  (So intriguing, right?!?)

Since I am undoubtedly the first person to ever study abroad or travel (forget those zillion other bloggers…) I figured I should begin a journal so that I may enthrall the world and keep everyone abreast of my adventures.  OK, well, my family and friends will be interested.  Fine, my mom will read it!


Vicki said...

Hey Carlie - congratulations on launching your blog - can't wait to hear about your new adventures!!!

rob said...

Hi Carlie,

I am very glad I stumbled upon your blog. I’m sure I’ll be a frequent visitor here—or at least I’ll try my best to be so—because I really like both your writing style and your “all-time favorite poem.”

Best wishes for your long stay in the Middle East and keep up the great work. Glad you joined the blogging bandwagon!

Isha Shiri said...

Shalom Carlie,
You'll love Israel and Jerusalem, I hope you feel comfortable there. I think Amman will be safer for a other moment (now not a good time for foreigners).

I will follow your little adventure.

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